Who am I ?

If I had to describe Maud in 5 words:

When Maud begins something, she puts her whole heart in to it. After 10 years in Communications and Marketing, in 2009, Maud decided that it was time to make a change and focus on her life-long passion that is photography. We’re not just talking about clicking shots. Rather, she captures emotions, tells stories and immortalises special and important moments.

Maud has a great laugh, is communicative, has an ability to listen and is incredibly devoted to her work, pushing herself towards the best possible results. And always with a positive attitude!

Earth, fire, air…no, for Maud it’s definitely water that is her natural element. Kitesurfing over a body of water, on the surface of the pool doing lengths, or under the ocean’s surface with diving tanks, those are the places where Maud finds her energy and strength!

A cup of aromatic tea to start off the day on the right foot. A piece of chocolate is indispensable at the end of a meal. Aperitifs to laugh and remake the world over, a glass of wine from the Valais or a flute of champagne, just to celebrate being with friends.  And lunch is the perfect time to create meals with excellent local products! 

From the avenues of Tokyo to the coast of Chili, the world no longer holds many secrets for Maud. Her favourite voyage? A trip to South America on behalf of UNICEF to capture the smiles and faces of children, which led to a photo exhibit at Flux Laboratory in Geneva in 2009. Today, little Théodore no longer lets his mom leave without him, so you’ll probably meet her on her Brompton bike between Geneva and Morges!


 © Guillaume Mégévand